The Eagle

AUD $2,895.00



  • Brand new Hard-Shell all-weather case
  • 120m – 4.5mm 16 plait yacht braid rope
  • 10 speed heavy duty motor
  • Pro Mount System – Lazer cut and rolled 5mm marine grade stainless steel with fully adjustable brackets to fit your pen
  • 2 x Digital finger tip remote with forward, reverse – 10 speed with ramping
  • Speed Bump – increase your speed 10, 20 or 30%, at your fingertips while your cow or flag is moving.
  • Full program function (record, play, pause & repeat)
  • Idle pulley for opposite end – custom made, whisper quiet
  • AC adapter – allows permanent water-proof power for world wide use
  • Solar charger – trickle charge cow power free from the sun
  • Training flag, black with white timing marks (for position on a cow)
  • Wazz-a-Smartcow – All new Smartcow stops straight with no bounce with white timing marks for position on a Cow.