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The best performing, easiest to operate, value for money toolkit on the market!

The Outback

Starter Pack
$1895 + freight

The Cockatoo

Non-pro Pack
$2495 + freight

The Eagle

Pro Pack
$2895 + freight
Brand new Hard-Shell all-weather case.
Power Cord - IP67 all weather plug in lead with nylon coated stainless steel clips.
100% portable - runs all day on a 12 volt battery. No need for expensive deep cycle batteries or inverters.
AC adapter - allows permanent waterproof power, for worldwide use. + $185 + $185
Solar charger - trickle charge cow power, free from the sun. Set and forget. + $35 + $35
Digital fingertip remote - the worlds smallest lightweight full function waterproof remote. No need to go to your wrist, keep your hands on the reins and your horse on the job. Fitted with a long life lithium battery. X2
State of the art electronics - custom made smart electronics with WiFi encryption, designed by Wazz-a-cow for Wazz-a-cow, nothing off the shelf. Completely automatic, senses the size of your run in Manual/Auto mode with a full diagnostic LCD screen for troubleshooting.
Super heavy duty handmade 12v motor - designed by Wazz-a-cow for Wazz-a-cow, nothing off the shelf.
Ten speed - fully adjustable from your fingertip, not your wrist.
Speed Bump - increase your speed 10, 20 or 30%, at your fingertips while your cow or flag is moving.
Programmable - fully programmable hands free operation. Record, play, repeat and all at your fingertips. + $295
Dual ramping - fully adjustable 1-4 starts and stops, soft, medium, hard or instant.
Basic mount - stainless steel cleats, simply fix your controller to your wall/panels.
Pro mount - laser cut 5mm rolled marine grade stainless steel brackets, fully adjustable to fit your pen.
Training flag - all black Wazz-a-cow flag with white timing marks either end for position on a cow.
Wazz-a-Smartcow - All new Smartcow stops straight with no bounce with white timing marks for position on a Cow. + $120 + $120
Yacht braid - 120m of 16 plait 4.5mm yacht braid rope, run a 100ft cow or 120ft flag.
Warranty - 1 year remote, 2 years electronics, 3 years motor - for your peace of mind.
About Wazzacow
Wazz-a-cow™ is a truly 100% portable mechanical cow training device. With its brand new hard shell case, it’s designed to withstand all conditions. With flexible mounting you can hang it anywhere, wall fence or truck mount.
Australia and International Warwick Robinson wazzacow@yahoo.com.au
+61 (0)418 883 022

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