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The best performing, easiest to operate, value for money toolkit on the market!

The Outback

Starter Pack
AUD $1895 + freight

The Cockatoo

Non-pro Pack
AUD $2495 + freight

The Eagle

Pro Pack
AUD $2895 + freight
Brand new Hard-Shell all-weather case.
Power Cord - IP67 all weather plug in lead with nylon coated stainless steel clips.
100% portable - runs all day on a 12 volt battery. No need for expensive deep cycle batteries or inverters.
AC adapter - allows permanent waterproof power, for worldwide use. + AUD $185 + AUD $185
Solar charger - trickle charge cow power, free from the sun. Set and forget. + AUD $35 + AUD $35
Digital fingertip remote - the worlds smallest lightweight full function waterproof remote. No need to go to your wrist, keep your hands on the reins and your horse on the job. Fitted with a long life lithium battery. X2
State of the art electronics - custom made smart electronics with WiFi encryption, designed by Wazz-a-cow for Wazz-a-cow, nothing off the shelf. Completely automatic, senses the size of your run in Manual/Auto mode with a full diagnostic LCD screen for troubleshooting.
Super heavy duty handmade 12v motor - designed by Wazz-a-cow for Wazz-a-cow, nothing off the shelf.
Ten speed - fully adjustable from your fingertip, not your wrist.
Speed Bump - increase your speed 10, 20 or 30%, at your fingertips while your cow or flag is moving.
Programmable - fully programmable hands free operation. Record, play, repeat and all at your fingertips. + AUD $295
Dual ramping - fully adjustable 1-4 starts and stops, soft, medium, hard or instant.
Basic mount - stainless steel cleats, simply fix your controller to your wall/panels.
Pro mount - laser cut 5mm rolled marine grade stainless steel brackets, fully adjustable to fit your pen.
Training flag - all black Wazz-a-cow flag with white timing marks either end for position on a cow.
Wazz-a-Smartcow - All new Smartcow stops straight with no bounce with white timing marks for position on a Cow. + AUD $120 + AUD $120
Yacht braid - 120m of 16 plait 4.5mm yacht braid rope, run a 100ft cow or 120ft flag.
Warranty - 1 year remote, 2 years electronics, 3 years motor - for your peace of mind.
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